i’m being a freshmen again.

it feels like entering new and first year of school again. (but hey, I don’t get any bullies!)

last time, I was feel like I am a sophomore, I have a junior and also a supervisor.

coming here, letting off those tributes, I am a freshmen who ready to be filled with new materials.

people keep asking me of how do I feels in new place? is it good? bad? and why?

well, to be honest to you all, I ain’t gettin nervous on my first day at all. I feel like I ain’t kind of person who is always gettin nervous in the first time of anything (yay!)

I am nervous of see and feel what others will do about me. Didn’t get it? I am worried of new environment, do I really could adapt with that? Will they accept me of who I am? Will it be okay to wear all my clothes and do my style? (really, I do think about it.)

on my first day being a freshmen and newbie, everything went well.

one thing that I always pay attention with: time.

they , or now I can say, we are really concern about discipline. we are actually allowed to be late, but we’ll pay the compensation then 😛

I did an on-time coming on my first day.

well, I think it is good.

and the freshmen package started: fingerprint registration, going around office assisted by HR and being introduced, hand shaking all the time just like a newlywed :P, having your very first own stationary, touch the very first time of your own mouse-keyboard-CPU-monitor, curious to open every shelf of your own cupboard, your eyes can’t stop rolling to see what did you missed to see, keep quiet all the time even-though you are not, have no mind at all of what will you do, keep asking to your colleagues of every piece of your jobs, can’t stop looking at your phone and watch, thirsty but afraid to get to pantry, hungry but have to keep yourself out from any food as lunch time still far away, open all the documents on your PC just to see and getting sight of what will you do next, thinking of what will you bring to office tomorrow, find a new wallpaper because windows wallpaper is lame, keep yourself busy writing something but only the diary, always laughing even-though it is a very lame and bored jokes made by your lame colleagues, didn’t know where to buy lunch nearest, trapped of bought a very expensive lunch that you saw first time in which the taste is awful, really want to send a tweet but can’t cause there is windows firewall, finally know what you really should do, make a to do list, do nothing  until the last minute of your work time, turn off the computer with a big smile, run run small to the parking lot and finally it done.

see? that is my answer of what happen of my first day.

and what about my concern of environment?

I love this. people are young and so joyful, so full of spirits and ambitious, the work culture is good, they are so young talented beautiful charming good looking etc and the list go on.

one I know and important, they are nice to everybody.

and that’s the perks working in Java, land of friendly people.


P.S: my concern now is about how should I dressed up. I think I should buy more jeans, shirts, maybe coloring my hair (?, like really but I really want it but I am afraid so I don’t know), shoes, perfume, make up. oh My… I do really infected by the beautiful and neat environment.


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