got injured

I don’t know what kind of feeling is it,

or how I could feel it.

one thing for sure, I got injured.

let’s just say that I got injured in my legs.


for some day, even weeks, I wasn’t be able to walk.

ah, it was hurt. I still could exactly remember the feeling.


now, thanks God I’m recovering.

there’s no more pain, yet the afraid feeling haunts me.


it is surely not easy to be able to walk again; I did therapy every day, just to get my balance back, so that I could be able to stand up.

after, I learn to walk. day by day, till finally I could walk again.

I need to take some time to be able to run, and even jump. so I take a break, and instead of running, I always walking all the time.


my tutor sometimes accompany me to walk, or whenever there’s a piece of glass in front of my way, she’ll shout so that I could step aside to avoid.

she asked me to be more careful, and look the way where I walked in, and I did that.


till all of sudden, I realize that she might be tired of warning me. she wants me to run by myself, and sometimes jump alone.

the problem is in me. I am just too afraid to do it, I still remember that day when I run, and I got injured.

you could call me traumatized or anything, but yeah I really am.


any suggestion what should I do?


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