this month remarked 6 years of my relationship.

I ain’t kind of person who always celebrate it with romantic dinner or other romantic surprise, no.

yet I want to remark what we’ve been thankful since beginning, until this year. Continue reading “six”


(come back – I know this post will spark questions) Bisik-bisik pre-marry

it’s been more than 2 weeks since my last post.

run out of time and ideas, as usual.

well, actually I have some drafts saved in my phone, and my journal. Yet to continue writing, and especially post it, need more time.

anyway.. Ramadan mubarak! finally, it is Ramadan again, feel the hype, yet? (feel so silly to say it in the middle of Ramadan)

and welcoming June, with soo many things to think. mendadak merasa pengeluaran sangat banyak, godaan sangat besar, sementara yang ada di dompet cuma itu-itu saja. #eh

so… as you might already guess or know or wonder, I am preparing for some big days. I keep myself from split it out, even it is hard, well at least I tried.

kata orang, banyak banget bisik-bisik yang bakal didengar ketika mempersiapkan big day, dan ini salah satunya yang sempat terlintas di pikiran saya.

kalau kalian termasuk kaum seperti saya yang sedang mempersiapkan big day dan sering gerah mendengar bisik-bisik, coba dibaca ya! 🙂
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