magenta sky I’ve been searching for

It’s a January

A beginning for every story.

For a girl become a woman, and a boy become a man.

“It’s gonna be rainy all day”, an old man said.

“You won’t see the magenta sky”, people said.


I have been trying so hard, hoping for a magenta sky to come.

I waited for so long.

One week,

two weeks,

for nothing to appears.


I started to lose my hope.

People may right, I should not wait.

It won’t come.


When finally in a Monday evening, after a super hard day working.

People shouting.

The beautiful magenta sky is appearing.


Shining so bright, beautiful as right.


That is, my magenta sky.

My sign to keep going.

My faith to never lose any hope.

My spirit after stormy rain.


Dear my magenta sky, I know you keep your promise.

You would come and shine.

Thank you for accompany me to home.